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My name is Michael Brown and I have a movie problem

Ok, I know I said I was going to wait a while, for the hype to die down, to see Black Panther again. But when I met up with my cousin's to have brunch earlier on in the day, one of my cousins said she hadn't seen the movie yet.

I won't say her not seeing the movie yet ruined me being able to talk about the movie during brunch, but it did. Sorry, Li. **Kanye Shrug** We all decided after brunch we'll go see the movie.

We brunched at Cracker Barrel. Practically the best place for brunch to get more food than you actually paid for. I hadn't been here in a while. I used to attend the university that was near it. As a freshman, I couldn't afford eating here. Campus food was my pockets safe haven. The food was great though. We laughed, exchanged food, took pictures - as Millenials do - and went on our way to go see Black Panther.

We arrived at the theater, an hour early, to purchase our tickets. We found that the movie time we wanted to see was sold out. Disappointed…

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