Is it time to take a break from the iPhone?

A story inspired by true events

Let me paint a picture. You bought your first iPhone back in 2013. You were coming from an Android phone that just didn't end up doing it for you then. Let's say it was the Nexus S. You bought the Nexus S because, to you, it looked nice and you didn't have your friends swaying you in either direction. Plus they all had blackberries anyway and no one cared about what kind of phone you had then. The screen was a nice size, it fit in your hand comfortably, and the commercials just made the phone seem so cool. You heard about the iPhone 4S then, but it's price was just too steep and not available with your carrier T-Mobile.

So it's 2013 and you're ready for your new iPhone 4S on T-Mobile. “Android sucks!”, you say, almost every time you see a commercial about one or someone wielding it out of their pocket (to yourself if not in front of them). Your previous Nexus S had the worst battery life, the reception was bad, and after 2 years it crawled to perform any task. “It just didn't last long enough for me.” The iPhone had Instagram well before Android did and when it did come to Android, by that time my Nexus S was ready to give up on me. Let's not forget that, those same friends that had Blackberry phones before, all switched to the iPhone when you chose the Nexus S. ”Why'd I pick this phone?”

You have your new iPhone 4S. It's snappy fast, it takes great food pictures for your Instagram and you can talk to your friends using the new iMessages app. “It's great!”. Life couldn't be any better. Yes, there were some issues about the antenna and reception with this iPhone but I just love that my friends and I all have the same phone, and I'm sure it'll get fixed.

Fast forward to today and you've had practically every iPhone that has been released. You've even purchased a few other Apple products. Your MacBook, iPad, and even Apple TV makes you feel all warm and bubbly inside. All you know is Apple products now. The only taste of Android and Windows you've had was from that old Nexus S and your very first laptop computer. You've seen some pretty good looking Android phones recently, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel. “I just can't do it! All of my friends use iMessage and FaceTime. Plus when I had an Android phone, it was the worst experience.”

Now, here we are, Android has placed a nasty taste in your mouth. Just the sound of the word "Android" makes you want to run an hide. The iPhone and everything Apple has to offer seems to be the best thing. The media even solidifies that the iPhone is the best smartphone. Why else would CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News talk about the iPhone. Even my favorite actors and actresses use iPhones. Practically everyone has one in the films. 

What would you suggest for this consumer? How could you get them to switch?

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