The Galaxy Note is Back

We knew it was coming. Samsung has announced the successor to the twice recalled Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy Note 8. I was able to watch the office unveiling on YouTube but I watched The Verge's Samsung Galaxy Note 8 supercut unveiling on YouTube. 

Visually, it looked amazing. From what I've seen, by watching Samsung's past product unveilings, Samsung truly enjoys going above and beyond with their stage design. 

From what I saw in the supercut and across the web, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks to be a pretty cool device. Notably, the Note 8 is water resistant, has a duel lens camera for taking better pictures with incredibly selective focus features, and many features when you operate it. Check them out on the Galaxy Note 8 website.

You're going to need that link because just searching "Samsung Galaxy Note 8" doesn't reveal their newly announced smartphone. It actually proves a major testament to Samsung's need to consolidate its long list of products. 

Overall, I think the Note 8 will be a great successor to the Note 7 and all of its mishaps. I doubt people will be lining up in drones to buy this device but the loyalist sure may just penny up the doe. Now that Samsung has revealed its latest flagship smartphone, the ball is now in Apple's court to announce their rumored (and immensely leaked) iPhone 8/Edition/Pro. 

P.S. I'm proud of myself for not making any exploding phone jokes

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