The Art of "The Punch" in Movies

Something you will find important to the tone of a movie, either it is a comedy or an action film. The build up or surprise of the punch has to be complimented or completed with the proper punch to put together an articulate tone that matches the moment in the scene or the direction the film would like to follow. 

Personally, I love when a film has “a punch”. There are many different elements of a film punch that I like, and at each element, I have a favorite. For example, my favorite sound effect for a punch in a film goes to the infamous Indiana Jones punching sound. It sounds satisfying to hear as the video below explains and gives off a superhero film sound.

The visually most satisfying punch for me goes to the film ”Tropic Thunder”. This too is in the video below. It’s visually satisfying to see because in one particular punch in the film, it looks so real that you can feel punch impact that mans face. It’s so convincing you almost want to pause the movie, rewind it, then play it back in slow-motion just to see if the actors really did connect (Spoiler, he didn’t, it was just great editing). 

A lastly, the best tone of a punch (or series of punches) for me came from the film ”The Departed”. It’s a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio character is fighting a man in a convenience store and gives him a series of chaotic yet strong punches to the face while he’s up on the wall. His last punch, you can see Leonardo DiCaprio injure his hand and that just adds to the chaotic and realistic tone of the punch in this film. This too can be seen in the video below, but only for a moment. 

Watch the entire video below to see the art of punching in films. It’s pretty interesting and satisfying to watch after a long and stressful week. 

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