Through His New Company "Essential", You Can See Andy Rubin Still Bleeds "Android" Green

"After watching Andy Rubin's talk on Recode I can really say one thing. I really, really miss Andy Rubin." - Derek Ross

I sat down on my bed, with a Theraflu tea filled Android mug, to watch the live talk with the soon to be retired Walt Mossberg and the man of the hour Andy Rubin. As most of you that are reading this know, Andy Rubin announced his new company "Essential" as well as three new hardware devices. One being what Andy Rubin has loosely called "Essential phone" on stage. Walt practically gave the phone an unofficial/official name live on stage, but I think the interwebs were calling it the "Essential phone" anyway. Me included. 

Nevertheless, Andy went on to dodge Walt's usual prying questions about Android fragmentation, competition, Android version distribution and some of his new phone's secret features. However, what really stuck with me while watching the interview was Mr. Rubin's consistent ideals around open sourced, consumer based ecosystem. Despite in his initial letter on his recently opened website, Andy stated that (he is) partly responsible for all of (the fragmentation). Yet he still believes in an open source ecosystem. However, this time its in hardware and not necessarily software. 

Back of "Essential phone" open source magnetic connectors

Hardware open source standard is something that has always been a problem for Android. We've slowly seen a good standard in USB Type-C points in the vast majority of premium Android devices, but that's it. Andy Rubin bringing the magnetic connectors would help bring the sort of open source hardware standard that Android needs. Mr. Rubin explains it as a open source as USB itself, which is huge. Though we may not see this sort of standard become adopted across Android OEMs within the next 2 years, or we might not see it at all, but the fact that this is being talked about is good for consumers.

Walt Mossberg and Andy Rubin
Andy went on to explain his stance on making it possible for his devices to work well with all sorts of established ecosystems such as iOS, Amazon Echo, Cortana, Google Asssistant, you name it. It sounds surreal but it's something that people have been wanting for a while now. As Andy put it, "The time of having to own the same name brand everything is so outdated." That is a direct pointing towards Apple's model of business, which happens to be one of the most stickiest, expensive, efficient ecosystems out there. Grant it, software comes into a big play here, because there still is iMessage.

Regardless, Andy Rubin is still the man we rooted for when he founded and announced Android OS back in 2008. Will he change the world once again with his new company? I don't have the answers for that, but I believe in what Cliff Wade stated"My prediction is, more than likely it'll be Google, but it could be someone else, will purchase Essential/PlayGround within 2 - 3 years".

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