About Me

"Allow me to introduce myself my name is...."

Every time I hear that phrase I immediately think of Jay-Z's "Public Service Announcement"

Now that is out of my system... Hi, my name is Michael Brown.

Who am I? I am from Huntington Beach, CA. Birthed at Garden Grove Hospital. I am proud to know that I was an apgarr 10 baby (Don't ask me how I know that.) I am also a proud African American who loves deep conversation and doing what I absolutely can to motivate and inspire my community. I have a lot of siblings, 7 to be exact. I am practically the middle child if you average our ages together and I don't have a problem with that.

Why am I here? Well, ya see when my parents got together... Oh, wait, you mean, "Why am I blogging"? That's a simple one. I have experience on practically all popular social media platforms, including Google+, and I just truly enjoy my life to share it with others. Maybe not everything, but moments and thoughts that I find important enough that reflect who I am as an individual. I truly enjoy sharing what interests me, which includes traveling, films, technology, photography, and even sports.

What are my interests? Well, I love watching all types of movies and sharing my spoiler-less review on them. Any movie from Sci-Fi, Drama, Suspense, Romantic Comedy, as well as Documentaries, you name it. The amount of time and money (or lack thereof) those movie makers put into their work is very interesting to me and I love being in the best seat in the house, taking in that theatrical art. I also grew up playing sports from soccer (futbol), basketball, and football. I spent my early young adult years achieving my bachelor's degree in Computer Science, where I learned to direct my love for technology, coding,. and the creative thinking process. Though you might still find me bashing my head up against my keyboard at my full-time occupation as a Computer System Analyst. To calm myself, I've recently become addicted to biking and hiking.

What's the purpose of this blog? I'd like to share some of my life's moments, thoughts, projects, and discoveries through this blog. I'd like this to be a true reflection of me for people to see.

"Be a leader, not a follower" - Michael Brown Sr.

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